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Are You Eating a Man’s Diet?

Paleolithic Diet Explained

What is as controversial as politics and religion? Diets. The more health conscious a person is, the more adamant he is about his diet. Everyone has his reasons why his diet is better. Many of the reasons make sense, so how do you decide what is right for you? Where to start Knowing my holistic […]

Work-Life Balance Hard for Men, Too

Are you stressed? According to this new study, The New Male Mystique, it’s likely you are. In accordance with this study, American men now experience more work-life conflict than women. I’d guess most women would not agree that men are more stressed about balancing work and family. But it’s interesting that men today are admitting […]

Men’s Health Week


I am a guy. I treat men all the time. I know how it is. Men don’t think about their health until something is broken. If it is not broken, don’t fix it is our strategy. For 35 years I have fought for men being more aware about their bodies and their health. What I […]

Men Using Plastic Surgery

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Our bodies are revered for what they can do… make, break, perform and kill. Now they are being cut into being beautiful. They are seldom idolized for their innate perfection. The money in perfection The fact that more men are using plastic surgery to perfect their bodies might represent our evolution – but to what […]

Limits of Exercise

Cover of "The Complete Book of Running"

As men we like to push it – sometimes too far. A new study printed in the New York Times reports on research published in The Journal of Applied Physiology. The gist of the study was: long term hard endurance exercise can damage your heart. Are you exhausted? As men we often think if some […]

Do You Have ADHD?

Percent of Youth 4-17 ever diagnosed with Atte...

Are you hyper? I was. As boys, we have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) three times more often than girls. Also as boys we are more likely to develop oppositional behavior and delinquency. I can attest to this. With Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia, I was tense with pent up energy that had to go somewhere.  […]