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The Anti-depressant Drug Lie Continues

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Mark Hyman, M.D. wrote an article on how a new study to be published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that the drug companies and the FDA have twisted results and not published negative studies. It’s a problem with scientific research. Some drug companies even pay or threaten scientists to not publish negative […]

Reach Out and Touch


I learned a long time ago that touch was a powerful communicator. When someone touches you they go beyond your conscious mind, they are touching your unconscious. They are contacting your emotional body. An article in the New York Times describes the recent research on touch. The evidence that such messages can lead to clear, […]

What Is Missing in Solving Our Planetary Crisis

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There is an inspiring article in this month’s Fast Company about how developing countries are starting from square one in building their new cities. Countries such as South Korea, China and India are bringing the best minds and companies together to create City 2.0. These cities will be wired beyond anything we have today. These […]