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If You Want Change – Change Your Box

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Change the Context If you’re continually focusing on changing yourself, maybe you need to change the context you operate in. Growing up with Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia, I learned to “cheat.” Achieving in the context I was put in often didn’t work for me, so I changed the rules. Specifically, I learned how to do […]

Have a Mission

On the road again ... / De nuevo en el camino ...

What drives you or your organization? Four years ago, I started a men’s group in my town. I did it for many reasons, but mostly because I wanted one. When I started it, I knew that if we wanted to grow, we needed a goal bigger than just having a group meet once a week. […]

Mother Nature Doesn’t Do Bailouts

Thomas Friedman, American journalist, columnis...

But she with Father Greed have hit the wall at once to co-create “The Great Disruption,” according to Paul Gilding, the Australian environmental expert. This quote and the title of the post is from a New York Times Op-Ed piece by Thomas L. Friedman a former chief economic correspondent for the Times and Pulitzer Prize […]