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Questions to Live by

What questions do you live by?

I am writing a book on the few questions that can set you free. For example, one question I ask men is, “Where are you incomplete?” If you haven’t kept an agreement with someone or yourself you risk losing energy from that incompletion. You may keep thinking about that thing you need to do. You […]

Why Men Are in Trouble

…older men need to provide a better model for younger men. What happened to the good old days when men ruled? When being a man was the thing? Obviously, those days are not coming back. Good thing, too. No man I know would really want to go back to the days of women feeling repressed. […]

What About the Men?

I fully agree, “men — not just women — want to be both nurturers and breadwinne­rs.” We are getting back to before the plow was invented and the man left co-parenti­ng to plow the fields. In spite of or maybe because of all the economic turmoil men are getting an opportunit­y to expand their roles […]