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The revolution has begun… is an international blog taking on poverty by asking bloggers to write about it on October 15. Changing global poverty begins with changing personal poverty. In the developed countries we may not be starving for food, yet we often are for the essence of life. When we shift our prospective […]

What is the hurry?

Speed Kills.

How speed = stress In his latest book, In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed, Canadian journalist Carl Honore touts the benefits of slow living. Honore claims that the old paradigm “time is money” is being replaced by the “slow movement” model. Slow living produces more pleasure and better health. The slow city […]

What Is a Whole Home?

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  Our homes are our place of renewal. As men we will often retreat to our homes for our R and R after what can feel like a battle out in the world. After your body, what reflects who you are? It’s likely your home for it is the place escape to, the place you […]