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Deep Healing, Deep Transformation

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People often ask what is the processes of the Evolutionary Change™, or as Joseph Campbell called it the Hero’s Journey. Beyond being our own personal mythological journey of transformation, it is a process of unraveling, disassembling and reorganization. A man in my men’s group sent me a link to the series of three paintings by […]

How Do You Hold Space?

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Image by kevindooley via Flickr Have you ever been around someone who is attempting to hold the space, really consciously hold it? It can be tense.  But “holding” of a space is not actually a holding—it’s the opposite. You make it inviting, so others want to really show up, be fully present, and everyone gets […]

Hang It Out There

Pictures from the Edge

Image by ishrona via Flickr Yes, I am saying take a risk. I would add the distinction of saying don’t try to overcome your fear, grief or anger; just let the risk(s) be there. With the risk, speak your deep truths. When I try to overcome something to do something else, I usually take myself […]

What Makes Women Happy?

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Image via Wikipedia It’s not you, men. For women, happiness comes from how they experience life. Marcus Buckingham and his team polled thousands of women to discover what made them happy. He found that women’s happiness comes from focusing on the moments rather than the goals, plans or dreams. Focusing on the moments means being […]

Moving through a Block

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Image by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr Amber Riviere wrote an excellent post on how to cut through what blocks you from achieving your goals and your vision. In reviewing, Wayne Dryer’s new book Excuses Begone! she mentions that Dryer says just ignore what is taking you out. I would agree don’t give it energy. […]