An Unreasonable Man Set His Own Rules

A man who is ‘unreasonable’ is a man who is not confined by others limiting rules or beliefs. He is his own authority. He doesn’t need authority bestowed on him – he has it.

Jonathan Mead in his post The Rise of the Anti-Authority outlines how you don’t need the degrees, certificates or endorsements of others to make a difference and to succeed.

Anti-authorities know that being true to themselves is the route to genuine fulfillment. They become leaders and experts not by seeking to improve themselves, but by embracing and actualizing their highest selves. The light they shine is brilliant because it comes from a roaring fire of passion within, not by fluorescent bulbs lit by the nods of others.

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If you are true to yourself and are providing a service or product that works, people will care far less about your ‘qualifications’. We are moving towards a laissez-faire economy. With the upsurge of social media, word of mouth spreads faster than ever. Government doesn’t need to protect us. We can do that for ourselves.

I have seen in several instances where some members of a certain group want their profession to have more authority so they attempt to enroll their colleagues and then the government into requiring licensing  for that profession. So often, those that are not successful want to legislate their success – thereby limiting those who are creating and succeeding.

Be unreasonable, question authority – be your own authority. Man up. Stand up for what you belief and want. Hell, on a few occasions when I couldn’t find the organization I wanted, I created it! You can do the same. Create your tribe; others will follow when you are living your passion… or they won’t.

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