A Better Way to Keep Your New Year Resolutions


Will next year be like this year? Those New Year promises you make to yourself – where will they go? In the trash with the rest of the ones you’ve made?

You want 2012 to be different, so how is that going to happen? Will it be you saying it will be different? Or will you do something different?

You’re smart. What are the best ways to change human behavior? Would you agree it’s making the process of change fun and being held accountable?

If you agree – I have a free way for you to make 2012 a better year. It’s called Mindbloom, a website and phone app that makes changing your life fun.

Here’s a story of how a game designer and an early Amazon team member came together to create Mindbloom, a new kind of game that rewards a player for making positive changes in his or her life. By inviting friends to your game, you are able to support them and have them support you and hold you accountable. That’s a win-win.

This article speaks about a study that was done with Mindbloom on how men and women want to improve. Here are some of the high points of the study:

  • Nearly 65% of its users are between 18 and 35.
  • About 52% of Mindbloom’s players are men, with 85% of all users under the age of 44.
  • Relationship-focused commitments, including calling parents, spending time with close friends, or saying “I love you,” followed health-related activities with about 70% interest from both sexes.
  • Women, focused more on lifestyle, creativity, career and finances — in that order of importance.
  • Men focused first on career, lifestyle, finances, and creativity.
  • About 70% of men used Mindbloom to support career goals, while 58% of women did.
  • Men were more interested in expanding a professional network.
  • Women were more into prayer or journaling.

Mindbloom wants you to improve. It will be interesting to see how their program takes off; Currently, they have 36,000 players. I know of no other game that supports you to grow. The fact that they came out with an app for it certainly will speed its adoption.

Give it a try, have your friends join to support you in your development. Make your journey to being a better man or woman a game. Let us know how you do.

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