Women who love men

This is a site for men by a man. That said, men work with women, are in families with women, lovers with women, and father children with them. We often define ourselves in relationship to women. We receive a tremendous amount from women. Often they give us the kick in the ass that gets us off our ass. They also give us the love and appreciation for being a man that inspires us to be more of a man.

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Women continue to ask me about men. They want to better understand us. They want to see us grow and be the Remarkable Men we want to be. I was asked by many of these women to create a place on the site for them to learn about us and support us.

It takes a community to grow men. As we discover how to be that man we want to be, let us share with you what we learned, what we need and what we want to give.

A vision that far exceeds my abilities is the one of healing the war between the sexes. This war that exists within each of us with our polar opposite gender self and outside of us with the war we act out in life. As a man, I can make my largest contribution to men. Yet, women continue to facilitate men growing.

Look for posts on this subject and other offerings.

Women you are not left out. It is often our love for you and for the feminine that moves us to grow. Please hear that we are just teaching ourselves what was never taught us. We will learn it; it will make us better men.

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