We love our tools. Hardware and tool stores are our toys stores. You can never have too many tools. Here in North Idaho, men have whole shops to house their tools—which often include log splitters, tractors and, of course, pickups. And some of those shops are bigger than the houses!

As we build ourselves back up as the men we want to be, we also need tools. We won’t house these tools in a shop, though. They will be part of our regular Toolbox Additions. Sign up so you can get the newest, best and biggest tools. These badass power tools are proven to work. Many men have built themselves new lives using these tools. Sign up, power up, and strap on your tool belt so you can get to work!

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Share, we love stories and pictures of what men can build.

And before you ask–women can use these tools, too. And you don’t even need to worry about putting them back where you found them.

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