We are designing a kickass way to deliver what I have delivered to men for more than 30 years.

I want to create service and product formats that produce quick, sustainable and enjoyable results. We are designing ways to leverage what I do so it is more effective for men. I appreciate men don’t want to waste their time or money. You want meaningful results quickly… I know I do.

If you have specific requests or interest in what we might provide, please email me.

A side note, my book – Grow Up – The 9 fold path to becoming a Remarkable Man is waiting publication. This book shows you how to create the life no one taught you how to have. You’re not bad, dumb or lazy… you were just never taught what it is to be a man. Being a Remarkable Man is easy when you have the tools to build the life you want.

My other books around men and PTSD, emotional intelligence and micro-communities are in progress with co-authors.


I currently do a limited amount of coaching for men and women around men. The minimum commitment is three sessions. My rate is $225 per hour.

Women ask if I work with them. I do when it concerns a man or men in some way. Here’s a recent testimonial from a woman:

Although Owen immediately resonated with me, I had no idea the profound effect he would have on my life. Within three sessions, he gave me something I could not have anticipated…. renewed passion, love, and connection to my husband of ten years. I feel he not only coached me, but through his masterful guidance of the primal and culturally learned dance between the masculine/feminine balance in the home, his teachings literally ignited my husband into waking up and opening to his own power and purpose.

Somewhere along the way we fell asleep in this marriage, but suddenly we find ourselves once again wide awake. Our communication, our sex life, our individuality as well has our togetherness have all deepened into something more beautiful than perhaps we’ve ever had.  My husband and I are both filled with gratitude and humbled by the expertise of Owen Marcus.

Kristy Sweetland



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