For those of you that are inspired by empowering and supporting men to be men I invite you to contribute to what we are doing. I might be an instigator for change, but I know that I can’t do it alone. I need your help. I need other men and women contributing their passion to help create The New Masculinity and to have men be the men they so want to be.

Here are a few things I need help with. If you feel inspired to assist me in these ways or other ways, please contact me.

  • Spread the work about the site and eventually the book – Grow Up, 9 steps to being the man you want to me
  • Content contributors – blog writers, video and podcast producers, photographers…
  • Introductions to other people and organizations
  • Suggestions on what we can do to get the information out
  • You passion

Thank you for your support. We are doing it.


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