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About Men: The Movie

A documentary film about Owen Marcus’ men’s group – the Sandpoint Men’s Group.

The film takes you into men being emotional, real and stretching themselves. It also shares the impact the group and these men have had on those close to them.

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Grow Up Book

Grow Up

Grow Up is not a “self-help book”; it’s a playbook on how to win at being a man, how to have rewarding personal relationships.

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Keys to

Being a man

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men aren’t bad or broken

We are men. We aren’t a pathological version of women. We are men discovering how to live a remarkable life.
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men never had models or teachers

Who did you have modeling or teaching you how to be that man you want to be? How many me
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a remarkable man is emotionally smart

A successful man today expresses his emotions in ways that serve everyone. His emotional presence is safe for everyone.
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courage is feeling as you take action

The hyper-masculine approach is dead. Using your purpose to guide you as you feel may be tough, but it will make you more the man you want to be.
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Free to Win


Liberate your future.

For centuries we worked to provide for and protect those that we loved, keeping us from them and their emotional connections. Raised by women we learned feminine emotionality. Learning masculine emotionality you start winning where you never did before.