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 A proven method in guiding a man to achieving his goals


Release, learn, heal, and create 

Short cuts to success

Developing emotional skills becomes your secret advantage 

Proven practices

Going beyond learning a new explanation to embodying a new way of being

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Emotional Leadership

Coaching is the result of two decades of training men to lead men’s groups  

There is some comfort in acceptance of your fate.

You could surrender to whatever happens. The immediate anxiety of creating change might lessen. Yet, you know someday you will wake up and feel more angst for wasting more time.

You may fail.

However, you took action. Some part of you knows that even if the action you took wasn’t the perfect step to take, it got you off your ass. The next action is easier…

Go beyond the quick fix of
  • the intellectual understanding of why your life isn’t what you want        
  • just being held accountable       
  • some arbitrary model of how you should be
Be guided as you remove your limitations

then assisted in creating deep and sustainable wins

Connection is natural

Our work is built on years of teaching men how to use brotherhood to develop untaught skills.

Use emotions to connect

Science tells us that as humans we need connection. Every human needs to be shown how to connect. If you haven’t seen or

experienced connection, doing it is challenging.

Unlike what you were taught, 

your emotions will lead you to what you want.

Being open to experiencing what you feel and want will guide you to getting it.

A Life worth living…

You come home as you have hundreds of times, but this time it hits you:

You have a home, a job, and friends. Your basic needs are handled. You are surviving… so what’s wrong?


Your life is not the way you planned it. The joy, passion, and hope eroded. Left with the shell of a life, empty of 

the substance that gives it meaning, you feel stuck.  

You recall the forgotten dreams you had, the ones you shared with your old friends. The dreams of what your life would become. At the end of the day, do you feel alone?

You are not broken. It is not written in stone.

You have reached a plateau. Everything you learned and did brought you to this place… you made it. Now it’s time to make something else, something that serves a deeper part of you. 


You’re smart; you know if you want a different outcome, you and your actions need to change. Not knowing how to make this shift is not your fault. You were not given the skills to create that remarkable life. 


How to find and live your purpose with passion, how to create that relationship with your dream partner, and how to contribute your unique gifts is much easier when you have experienced guidance. When you have another man watching your back as he supports you in crafting what you want, life goes from constant struggle to excited anticipation. 


Sure, you still have your bad days, yet when you possess a deep connection to your purpose and passion, you are not alone. You also have the skills to get out of a hole – the skills to create what you really want.

What is at risk?

What are your opportunity costs? What do you lose from not changing?


What happens if you don’t step out of the cycle you are in?


What happens if you just let life come to you, wishing that it would bring you what you want?

Owen Marcus

Realizing how emotionally disconnected, blocked and resistant I was, I began a journey of emotional connection. Understanding the limitations of traditional psychological training, I took a deep breath and jumped into studying innovative approaches. 


I developed a new coaching model for men’s groups based on my work with more than one thousand men over 25+ years. I saw that our struggle is not that we are screwed up; it is that we were never trained in how to succeed emotionally as a man. Our relationships and careers suffer because our emotions are anything but our superpower. My approach is to facilitate deep change quickly and have it continue to develop. 


As a co-founder of Evryman, I get to train other men to coach and lead retreats using the principles and skills of Emotional Supermen Coaching. 


To help men, I wrote the book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence. It lays out how a man can develop any of the nine stages he may never have had an opportunity to cultivate. Our leadership trainings for men and businesses transform emotional limitation into relationship literacy.

Photo by Tom Kubik 

Want to work together?

You’ve accomplished a

lot by stretching yourself. Now you're up against something

that you can’t get through on your own. Your smarts and hard work aren’t giving

you all you want. It’s not you; it’s the tools others gave you.


Shift your foundation

Who you are as a man determines how you succeed in business, relationships, and life; when change occurs on this deep level, all else shifts. 

There are amazing books, programs, and teachers that will instruct you in powerful techniques. We use many of them for others and ourselves. Yet when our foundation as a man is

weak, the impact of these offerings is weak. Every week in our groups and coaching we witness that when a man shifts into standing up as his own man, the need for much of the other work magically disappears.


Address the cause

In my clinic years ago, I realized that the cause of the problem rarely existed where the symptom manifested. If we were to help the client heal, we had to address the underlying cause(s).

We don’t realize that much of our angst comes from the stress and trauma of our childhood and cultural imprinting. These two restraints are addressed in your Emotional Leadership coaching. Few boys or men had a mentor to guide him. 

Emotional Leadership Coaching is not mothering. 

We love our mothers, but they aren’t men. As men, we often need a masculine push to get us moving in the direction we want to go. With the compassion of a sincere honoring for the risk we took only another man can give—we build momentum.   


We outgrow a need for mothering when we leave home. 

Neither do we believe in the boot-camp approach to men’s work.

Deprivation and confrontation can work and have a place, but those changes can

be short-lived. For some men, the boot-camp approach can create more stress and

trauma than it releases. It’s not about beating it out of you; it’s about

assisting you in evoking your greatness. 


We know it’s in you. 




"I have been married for 25 years and there were times I thought there was no way this relationship would survive. Not only has it survived it’s the best it has ever been."

Wayne P.


"I credit Owen for modeling all of these skills, and then encouraging and supporting me to get good at them too."

David C. Barth LPC, MS

Clinical Supervisor 

"As I have worked with Owen, I have quickly learned life-changing insights into myself and into men in general. Owen has the unique ability to cut through the barriers that we as men put up, while offering a level of support and empathy that is hard to find.."

Joshua Barnes


"Owen is a force of nature. You would be hard pressed to find a stronger advocate for men. An advocate for men to become their best selves… more accountable in their lives, more aware of their bodies, AND how they can learn to become more aware of their feelings through paying attention to the physiology of their bodies. He works his ass off to demand more of men, to build their emotional intelligence, to mentor them, to connect with them, to love them as they should have been loved."

Erin Michaela Brandt, MS

Men's Coach

"I've worked with Owen for over seven years, and can honestly say that he has been a HUGE catalyst for me to step into not only my greatest self, but the life I have always dreamt of. Owen is masterful (and I don't use that word lightly) at facilitating men's work, both in supporting men on the healing journey and in guiding men to create their deepest calling in the world. If you are ready to succeed, work with Owen. I give him my highest recommendation!"

Tim Corcoran

Co-Director/Co-Founder at Twin Eagles

"Owen is one of the most authentic, heartfelt, and generous men I've encountered through this work. And his level of insight is commensurate with that of a man who was worked on himself and worked with others passionately for four decades. Owen has been and continues to be a huge inspiration and support on my own journey to becoming more fully human…and more fully me. I highly recommend working with him if you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to do so."

Sean Butler

Startup Attorney

How Emotions Are the Key

Charlie Newell, Artistic Director for the Court Theatre

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