Body of Work

A Personal Intensive

What Is

You said you wouldn't be that man.

Are you leading, or is life leading you?

How do you use all that you have to create all that you want?

Is your body something you drag around?

What Could Be

Take the conversations in your head and set them free.

Release what holds you back. Release what can propel you forward.

Working on the mind only changes thoughts; working on the body and emotions changes lives.

What is Your Body of Work?

How does your body serve you?

Discover how your body and all that it is connected to can work for you.

For centuries, we were taught to act as if our emotions and bodies were two separate entities. As two separate warring factions, life becomes a struggle. With your body as your ally, it connects parts you thought were impossible to become your superpower.

Ancient traditions used the power of the mind-body connection to heal and perform. Over decades of study and experience, Owen took the essence of past traditions and the science of today to create quick and deep change for men.

Freedom to Create

It’s a personal intensive for the man who wants to create his Body of Work. It’s a deep dive into releasing your restrictions, limiting beliefs, and old patterns. We use many proven modalities to create sustainable change. It’s more than fixing your latest situation — it’s changing your total output, as Webster describes it.