Remarkable Men

What is a Remarkable Man™?

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As men we grow up as boys to be men… then what? So you are a man, is that enough?

For many of us we want more. It might be you want to make a difference for others or the planet. Or it might be that you want to grow as a man beyond a place of surviving. Or is it that you want to be that man your father couldn’t be?

Whatever you want to be as a man if you are like me there aren’t many role models guiding you to be that man. We often say in our groups that we are a community of men teaching each other how to be Remarkable Men. We all are learning on the job. Having a community to do it with helps, as does having role models to aspire to be or learn from.

As this site progresses I will be exploring:

  • what it is to be a Remarkable Man
  • how to become one
  • who are the Remarkable Men

I need your help. I need help from not just men; I need help from women also if we are to have a Corps of Remarkable Men.

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