What Is Important – Fame or Trust?

Chris Brogan at NMS08

Chris Brogan wrote about what he labels the development of mircofame where more people are becoming famous in small circles. What got me thinking was his next distinction of how there is a shift from fame to trust.

Our current crises question the value of fame. We are asking what fame of others gives the rest of us. In a subtle way, we are taking our power back by now predicating fame on trust, not just good marketing. The social Internet seeded this. The ending of allurement with our institutions and demigods creates a void for something else to show up.We are looking to base our relationships on trust. Given that, I want to work to build your trust. Please give me feedback – am I satisfying your needs? How can I earn your trust?

Photo: www.FinancialAidPodcast.com and www.ChristopherSPenn.com

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