Space – What Men Need

I wrote a post about Sam Martin’s “Manspace” on our Men’s Work blog – A Journey of Integrity.

Understanding that as men we need space and it isn’t necessarily an avoidance of the femine, but serves the nurturing of the masculine – will empower both sexes. In working with myself and other men over the years, I noticed often buried in our cultural expectations are our instinctual urges to have our own masculine spaces.

Women have a beautiful ability to start up a conversation with another woman on the spot. It is as if as the hunters of the hunter-gathers we need a safe space to open up, a space away from the predators who may have us for dinner.

We might have evolved as a culture, yet our DNA is still the DNA of primitive man. When stressed our instincts take over. Men strive for freedom. Given that, having a space to escape to can support a man and his relationships – where do you go to get space?

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